About Us

Who We Are

A Child friendly Occupational Therapy Center that specializes in Sensory Integration Therapy with the view to address children and young adults’ developmental and behavioral challenges. A controlled Multi-Sensory Therapy approach is used for treatment for children recovery from brain injury and other sensory processing dysfunction

Why Us

Sensory Explorative Therapies has a Team of Qualified and Licensed Therapists comprising Occupational Therapist, Speech/Language Pathologist, and a Special Needs Teacher with outstanding commitment, passion and love for their work.. We use a team’s approach to offer Assessment/Evaluation, treatment plan/objectives and consultancy. Our best laid plans and programs are child-centered involving parents and caregiver’ where appropriate. Your child will be thoroughly assessed by one of our experienced paediatric therapists. The therapist will assess age appropriate and functional fine motor, gross motor, play, cognitive and self care skills.


Striving to assist a child to Explore, Play and Learn.


To set up pace for Special Needs Children in the Ever-Changing World.


Sensory Explorative Therapies was founded and Registered in November 2019 and Launched to full operations in April 2020.

The founder/director is Ms. Virginia Simiyu, a Senior Occupational Therapist, qualified and licensed to practice Occupational Therapy Treatment.

She has gained 17 years of work experience in diverse settings; hospitals and clinics, therapy centers including special needs schools

Why choose us?

Do you have a child that needs our care?